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Cuba . . . A dream destination

Published on May 3, 2018 by salejandro

Photo Credit: Ford Quaterman


People love travelling for pleasure. To some, coming to Cuba is the perfect choice. Therefore, let’s read one review of one of those visitors who enjoy our nation…

Cuba, currently my favorite country in the world, is jam packed with beautiful places and things to do.

The sense of identity, culture and heritage that has grown from such an interesting history is powerful.

I felt safer travelling Cuba than anywhere else I have been in the world. Hitchhiking is amongst the most common forms of getting from A to B.

The second best option is to join a tour group which I think, for non-Spanish speaking travelers, is a better choice. The guides speak fluent English and everything from transport to accommodation is supplied.

The people are incredibly kind, friendly, welcoming and trustworthy.

I wandered Cuba for a month from the Far East to the Far West and everything in between. I danced salsa almost every day, I smoked organic Che Guevara-quality cigars, learned of Jose Marti, read Ernest Hemingway, drank mojitos, saw amazing street music, swam in crystal clear water, made great friends and daily fell a little further in love with the richness, vibrancy and mind-blowing innovation of that crazy little island.

Highlights were:

*   Callejón de Hamel in Havana where I saw unreal artwork by Salvador Gonzales Escalona and learned the history of Santeria.

*   Baracoa, in the east a little coastal town with a relaxed vibe and amazing adventures to be had.

*   Trinidad, a fascinating city where I danced more salsa than I could ever have dreamed of.

*   Vinales, in the far west where you can get lost in nature, find 100 percent organic tobacco farms, go on long horse treks and visit blissful little islands.

So much more could be said of this place but for now, this is Cuba in a nutshell.

Photo Credit: Ford Quaterman


Photo Credit: Ford Quaterman

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