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Cuba is an Idyllic Medical Tourism Destination

Published on May 22, 2018 by salejandro

Photo Credit: Cubadebate


Cuba tries hard to provide foreign visitors with as many attractive proposals as the Caribbean nation can. One of the goals is to improve medical tourism services.

The future of medical tourism in Cuba can get notably better. It is quite interesting and Cuba has the necessary tools to make foreign tourists visit Cuban lands aiming for receiving the medical treatment they need.

The fundamental features reside in the possibility to offer travelers rest, adventure, change in routine, learning, environmental care, and the appreciation of incredible species of the Cuban flora and fauna; all of these are closely related to the recommended medical treatment.

Besides the physical and mind recovery process, thanks to a highly qualified team of professionals as well as avant-garde equipment for treatment, visitors may stay in an environment surrounded by rivers, mountain chains, coasts, and lagoons, ideals for diving, excursions, and very relaxing walks.

There are three areas Cuba highlights in its offering of medical tourism: traditional proceedings, ways to overcome addictions, and those involving innovative products made in Cuba with great results worldwide such as monoclonal antibodies vaccines, for cancer, and Heberprot.

But…How to travel Cuba and receive Medical Treatment?


First, you should make contact with the Medical Facility you choose to carry out the treatment and provide exhaustive details of your condition.

The specialists in the Medical Center must know everything about the condition you have; namely, previous consultations, diagnoses, symptoms, and previous examinations.

Once provided all these information, the health specialists will assess your case and you will be sent the proposal for such treatment as well as the price if you agree.


The most recommended of all. Visit the official website to process this sort of visa, You will have access to all the information related to the medical care for foreigners in Cuba by the Cuban Medical Service Marketer.


You could travel to Cuba with a tourist visa, valid for 30 days. During that time, try to find out in detail the feasibility for your medical treatment in the medical facilities.

In case you decide to stay in Cuba to treat your condition, the medical facility of your preference will be in charge of processing your migrant status before the Office of the Identification, Immigration, and Foreigners’ Affairs Directorate in Cuba.


Photo Credit: Sally Jacobs

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