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Cuba: Potential Target for Foreign Investment

Published on May 18, 2018 by salejandro

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What are the advantages of investing in Cuba? How can Cuba attract a higher number of investors? How can we foster marketing to increase the inflow on foreign capital in the nation? Are we making progress?

“Cuba is a nation with huge advantages for foreign investment,” Caridad Campos Perez —specialist in the Foreign Investment and Promotion Staff of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba— stated in a press conference.

“The legal framework, which offers a crystal-clear, safety environment, public security, high levels of health standards, millions of people visiting our island every year, geographic location at the heart of expanding markets, makes Cuba a potential target for foreign investment,” the investment consultant pointed out.

Although much remains to be done concerning promotion and attraction of foreign capital in Cuba, “it is safe to say that the island is taking steps forward in this regard.”

“It is in our best interest to continue making progress in the foreign investment field in Cuba in order to take profits of many of its benefits. Besides, other goal is to attracting the proposed investment flows. It is a gradual process. And we will always move forward,” the specialist concluded.


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