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Habana Bus Tour

January 3, 2014 by Admin


From “The open top “hop on, hop off” tourist bus is trashy and completely out of place in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but very handy and excellent value at 5 CUC for a ticket usable all day (until 6 anyway), passing most of the places of interest in the historic centre and out into the surrounding area.
There are now just 2 routes as T1 and T2 have combined into a longer T1 to cover the centre and West out to Miramar (see route photo), at about half hour intervals (check timetable at bus stops), T3 covers the centre and East out to the beaches and hotels as a single decker, both from Central Park (Parque Central) and payable separately.
Just find a bus stop, get on and pay the attendant and you can use the service all day, ride the whole route or get off and on to see the attractions you want. Sit upstairs for the view with cool breeze (need hat and suncream) or stay out of the sun downstairs.
Note: There is a commentary but you may not hear or understand it so useful to know where you are going and want to go, so it is NOT ideal as a guided tour but great for getting around.”


Habana Bus Tour pricesĀ 
Hours: 09:00 / 21:00
Price: 5 CUC per person
(Valid for one day, includes transfer to or from any Habana Bus Tour path),-82.22168&spn=0.269622,0.352936

Blue markers represent stops on route T1
Yellow markers represent stops on route T2
Green markers represent stops on route T3
Flag markers represent “intersection” stops where one can change between routes.

routes T1 and T2 were recently combined.

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