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New Hotels to be built in Havana

Published on December 6, 2017 by salejandro


According to the state-owned ACN, the Cuban government has allocated new “plots” for the building of nine hotel projects in Havana.

Jose R. Daniel Alonso, Business, Development Manager of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), confirmed to the state news agency that MINTUR is aiming at enhancing its accommodation capacity. Indeed, MINTUR has carried out “reconciliations with the Institute of Physical Planning.”

In the words of the official, the state-owned Tourist Group Cubanacan is negotiating with a Vietnamese company the possible building of a hotel in the plots of the former children’s hospital Pedro Borras, located in 27th and G Streets, in the municipality of Plaza de la Revolucion.

Alonso also said that the building of another hotel in a plot located in 23rd and H Streets with a Chinese company is under consideration.

The government official also pointed out that MINTUR portfolio includes new opportunities for the construction and marketing of hotels in other plots located at Plaza de la Revolucion and Playa municipalities, and other areas of Havana.

According to official reports, Havana has nowadays 12,115 rooms in 64 state-owned hotels and 11,552 private houses with lodging service.

The ACN newswire recalled that 34 of the 140 projects are related to the creation of new joint ventures for the development of new hotel rooms and high-standard villas in tourist resorts like Cienfuegos (two), Camaguey (four), Las Tunas (6), and Holguin (10).

Alonso noted that the government is promoting, moreover, 96 hotel management and marketing contracts in Pinar del Rio, Isle of Youth, Varadero, Villa Clara, Ciego de Avila, Granma, and Santiago de Cuba.

4,505 four and five-stars rooms are being operated by 27 joint ventures. 20 international chains, by means of 88 contracts, manage 43,252 rooms, which represent the 63,6 % of the lodging capacity of the country.

As part of the investment program implemented in tourism, the government plans to finish 14 hotels this year (2,000 rooms) in Varadero, Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Guillermo, Holguin, Vinales, Havana, Villa Clara, Trinidad, and Gibara.

State-owned group Cuba Sol is building a marine in the Villa Clara’s village Isabela de Sagua, where more than 1,000 families lost everything after hurricane Irma caused so much destruction last September.

After hurricane Irma, the Cuban government gave priority to the complete restoration of facilities damaged, as tourism generates high incomes.

Cuban tourist authorities project to welcome 4,7 million tourists this year.


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